The New Generation of Classic Short Stories

Vol. 4, No. 2

Vol 4 No 2

Summer 2000


Founding Editor
Francis Ford Coppola

Editor in Chief
Adrienne Brodeur

Managing Editor
Samantha Schnee

Associate Editor
Kelcey Nichols

Editor at Large
Rose Kernochan

Editorial Board
Francis Ford Coppola, William Kennedy, Tom Luddy, Daniel Menaker, Nan Talese

Contributing Editors
E. Lea Carpenter, Justine Cook, Douglas Hatt, Phyllis Kaufman, Estep Nagy, Elise Pittman, Garth Wingfield, Eilene Zimmerman

Editorial Assistants
Alexandra Alter
Sarah Gerkensmeyer
Lee Harrington
Rania Naufal

Loch Adamson, Hilary Bachelder, Martha Benco, Corey Campbell, Sarah Durham, Siobahn Fallon, Michelle Lee, Donald Modica, Aliza Pressman, Meg O'Rourke, Jessica Samuels, Stacey Shara, Carolyn Slutsky, Melissa Wagenberg

Copy Editor
Greg Villepique


Guest Designer
Mike Salisbury

William Loccisano & Pandiscio Co.

Web Design
Tom Edgar


Francis Ford Coppola

Circulation Director
Holly Rothman


Information Zoetrope: All-Story bridges the worlds of fiction and film by publishing stories that have been or may be adapted for film. In addition, the magazine commissions stories based on concepts provided by Francis Ford Coppola and essays on short fiction and film.

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Classic Reprint "Emergency" from Jesus' Son, by Denis Johnson, published in 1992 by Farrar, Straus and Giroux, L.L.C. Copyright ©1992 by Denis Johnson. All rights reserved.