The New Generation of Classic Short Stories

Volume 4 Number 4: Winter 2000: The One-Act Play Issue

Vol 4 No 4
Sold Out

Vol 4 No 4

Winter 2000: The One-Act Play Issue
Guest Designer: Peter Sellars
Notes on Contributors


Be Creative

A letter to the reader.

Why Write for Theater?

The limelight seduces a playwright away from the priesthood.

Why Read Plays?

Indeed, why not?

Why Act in Theater?

The perks of working onstage.

Boise, Idaho

A determined narrator finds it impossible to predict an ending.

The Voice in the Desert

How Rhodesia swallows up boys whole.

Billy and the Crab Lady

Lager, VD, and feline decapitaion--a London love triangle.

The Mystery at the Middle of Ordinary Life

They make love, they make salads.

Who's On Top

A lawn crypt is forever.

The Stolen Child

A belated honeymoon, a common cold.

Sorry, Wrong Number

A classic thriller.

How to Read a One-Act Play

A playwright's perspective.