The New Generation of Classic Short Stories

Volume 5 Number 3: Fall 2001

Vol 5 No 3
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Vol 5 No 3

Fall 2001
Guest Designer: Dean Tavoularis
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Anything For Money

He could buy anything but his granddaughter's heart.

Zilkowski's Theorem

Triangles: Isosceles, Equilateral, and Love.

The Evil B.B. Chow

There was The Incredible Rowing Man, The Sperminator, and now The Evil B.B. Chow

The Creature Lurches From the Lagoon

Making a movie: the artist as an occupied country.

I Run Every Day

At fifty beats per minute, his heart seemed to be in perfect shape.


She was a vixen of the grotesque, he was Yoda for the misanthropic.

The Siege

Could he win her through an orchid, a sonata, and saving her husband?