The New Generation of Classic Short Stories

Vol. 11, No. 1

Notes on Design

by Will Oldham

what an opportunity to offer these visions to you readers. our brains are allowed to transmogrify and delete, mutate and evolve, seed and fertilize images from inside and out of us. so then if you wander, head down, with confusion possibly ruling for a while, and then raise the face to a lit image that pops open footlockers of your mindbrain, you have made these!

it is great that our able, kyle, lori, cynthia, zoë, magnus, shary find their hands on the instruments that make this shit happen. anyway, it's a series of small victories presented here, victories over no communication, and over ugliness, and over excessive simplicity and laziness, and victories on the fields of juxtaposition and inspiration and content-filled fun as well. and hopefully it's a shot in the neck of carcinogenic evil exercised by the prime deceivers, and a shot in the arm of those who use evil for good.

these artists make their works in vermont, maine, california, indiana, england, new york (even!), utah too. and now you have them. the words will be suited . . . what's more drab than white pages with black script on newsstands full of useless beauty and hectic currency? so thanks, all-story, for letting these pictures come through with your well-chosen and labored-over stories. it's really magnificent to imagine this issue as a cocktail party at which all of the contributors, word and image, are present. add a bowl of keys and some mushroom cookies and i am there.

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