The New Generation of Classic Short Stories

Vol. 13, No. 2


by Francis Ford Coppola

With my new film, Tetro, I wanted very much to write a personal story related to my family. I was interested in the idea of a rivalry that's passed from generation to generation—like the Oresteia—within a family of many independently creative members who love each other a lot but who suffer under the strain of so many careers. However, I wasn't sure how to approach it.
     Then I found a page I'd written when I was eighteen or so about a young sailor coming to visit his brother in Detroit. I'd always intended to return to the story to finish it, but I'd never gone further than the opening. So I continued from that beginning.
     Originally, I planned to write out the entire piece in prose to refresh and evolve my ideas about the story. I've been writing in screenplay format for so many years now that I usually fall back on that; however, I often suspect that prose is better for composing a story in that it allows a writer to map a character's thoughts and other elements that are not included in a screenplay but might be helpful to explore.
     As the film became imminent, I abandoned this exercise to focus on the screenplay. But I'm happy to present in the Summer issue the beginnings of Tetro.

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