The New Generation of Classic Short Stories

Vol. 15, No. 3


by Edgar Allan Poe

Dicebant mihi sodales si sepulchrum amicae visitarem, curas meas aliquantulum fore levatas.
—Ebn Zaiat

Misery is manifold. The wretchedness of earth is multiform. Overreaching the wide horizon as the rainbow, its hues are as various as the hues of that arch—as distinct, too, yet as intimately blended. Overreaching the wide horizon as the rainbow! How is it that from beauty I have derived a type of unloveliness?—from the covenant of peace, a simile of sorrow? But as, in ethics, evil is a consequence of good, so, in fact, out of joy is sorrow born. Either the memory of past bliss is the anguish of to-day, or the agonies which are, have their origin in the ecstasies which might have been.

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Image credits
left: layered nude silk-screened ballerina blouse; full skirt with mohair fringe and Swarovski Elements (Rodarte Fall 2008 collection)
photograph by David Armstrong

right: Pink Bow, C-print, 30 x 24 inches (2002)
photograph by Roe Ethridge