The New Generation of Classic Short Stories

Vol. 17, No. 2

Notes on Design

by Michael Stipe

All of my work represented here are studies for sculpture pieces, most of them photo-based, and all are from 2013. This is the first time I've presented production stills for publication, but I felt that Zoetrope: All-Story's audience and readership might appreciate these pieces as they are, en route to something else. I would like to thank the models—Slava, Benn, and Nick—and our studio manager, David, for helping pull all this together.
     The colorful paintings throughout are by Carol John, who was a punk rocker in London in the seventies before any of us knew the phrase punk rock; she is an amazing designer and color theorist, and that’s how she and I met, in Athens, Georgia. It was only later that I received an invitation to her studio, and I opened the door to a room stacked with paintings, all oil, unabashedly pop, layered, and brilliant. Carol works from a vehemently and profoundly intuitive place, which is—in my opinion, after all these years as a musical artist—what we are all really looking for. Her dialect is sophisticated, alarming, humorous—simple and complex all at once. Her eye is superb. She deserves our appreciation and accolades. I'm pleased to present her work alongside mine in this edition.


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