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Short Fiction Competition

Many thanks to all who entered the 2021 Short Fiction Competition. We appreciate the opportunity to read such bright and brilliant new work.

From nearly 2,000 submissions, guest judge and 2021 Pulitzer Prize finalist Daniel Mason honored the following stories . . .

Spring 2022 Edition

The editors are thrilled to announce the release of the Spring 2022 edition, designed by the acclaimed illustrator and costume and set designer Juman Malouf, with contributions from Oscar-nominated filmmaker Wes Anderson, MacArthur fellow Stuart Dybek, and PEN/Hemingway Award finalist Jamil Jan Kochai, among others.

Five Questions with Juman Malouf

Why did you accept the invitation to design the Spring 2022 edition of All-Story?
Zoetrope: All-Story is the only magazine I still receive in the mail! I always enjoy the stories—but, also, I love seeing how the designers completely reinvent each issue, which is always unexpected and wildly different from the last. I wanted a shot at it.

Five Questions with Sylvia Plachy

Why did you accept the invitation to design the Winter 2021/2022 edition of All-Story?
You called at the right time—if you had called half an hour earlier or later . . . I don’t know. The timing was right: I needed a shorter, smaller project. 

Any challenges?
The biggest challenge was to arrange . . .

Five Questions with Tunde Adebimpe

Why did you accept the invitation to design the Fall 2021 edition of All-Story?
I’m a big fan of the publication and was really honored to be asked. I had spent a lot of the pandemic drawing and painting, just to draw and paint more, so I was in that mindset when the opportunity came up. I also hadn’t made anything to be printed in a book or art-book format for a long while and was excited to have a venue for all these new images. 

Five Questions with Jim Jarmusch

Why did you accept the invitation to design the Summer 2021 edition of All-Story?
I had been asked previously but was very busy at the time, so I was honored to be asked again. I had seen beautiful issues designed by a lot of people I admire and know—Nick Cave, Tom Waits, Iggy Pop, Autumn de Wilde, Julian Casablancas—and I was encouraged by how visually inspiring those issues were. I was happy to be able to design one, too.

Five Questions with Jeffrey Gibson

Why did you accept the invitation to design the Spring 2021 edition of All-Story?
It was an opportunity that I’ve not had previously, and I’m working on a book project for which I’ll be the editor. So I’ve been paying a lot of attention to print material lately, and I thought this would be a perfect chance to have some fun with the format of a publication. 

All-Story a Finalist for the 2020 ASME Award for Fiction!

Zoetrope: All-Story is a finalist for the 2020 ASME Award for Fiction, the highest honor due an American periodical, for the stories “The Grotesques” by Sarah Hall and “24, Alhaji Williams Street” by ’Pemi Aguda...

Three Selections to Best American!

Three stories from our 2018 catalog have been selected for inclusion in the Best American Short Stories 2019 anthology...

A Design Honor

Zoetrope: All-Story has been selected for inclusion in the 2018 Brno Biennale of Graphic Design, to be held May 10 to August 26 in the Czech city of Brno. Established in 1963, it’s among the oldest and most prestigious exhibitions of visual culture worldwide.

All-Story Wins the 2018 NMA!

Zoetrope: All-Story has won the 2018 National Magazine Award for Fiction (renamed this year the ASME Award for Fiction), the highest honor due an American periodical, marking our second straight win and our third such accolade in five years...

An Operatic Adaptation

On January 19 at the Kennedy Center, the Washington National Opera premiered a new work, Proving Up, closely adapted from Karen Russell's story "The Hox River Window," which debuted in our Fall 2011 edition and went on to win the 2012 National Magazine Award for Fiction. Critical reaction has been rhapsodic.

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